Augusto Panini, over the course of a thirty-year career in the textile industry, extensively travelled, between 1980 and 1992, to several Western African countries, primarily taking in-depth research trips to many regions of Mali from Segou to Mopti, from Tombouctou to Gao. During these expeditions he studied the antique populations who lived by the River Niger between the VII and the XVI centuries.

Publications: Dalla Terra all Arte (1991), Tra Deserto e Savana (1993), La Valle del Niger (1999), Mali Crocevia di Culture (2000), Le Carovane dei Sogni (2001), Les Carovanes du Reve (2002).

In the last five years, he has focused his researches on glass beads that make up the necklaces of various Sub Saharan ethnic groups and that represent an uncorrupted witness of commercial and cultural exchanges between the region of Mali and world.


  • Augusto Panini - Sahara desert
  • Augusto Panini with the photographer Bruno Zanzottera
  • Augusto Panini - A relaxing Italian coffee
  • Augusto Panini - Breakfast on pinasse | Niger River